10 Cheap Gemstones That Everyone Can Afford


When in desperate need of a gift idea, you can always rely on accessories garnished with gems and precious stones to leave an impression. Granted, that can only happen assuming you are prepared to lift quite a bit of weight from your pockets. Even the cheapest of gemstones require significant financial sacrifices but, fortunately, there are some that can actually be accessible to anyone with a humble income after a few rounds of savings. (…)

The ‘Must Pack’ Items for Your Luxury Escape

So you’ve booked your luxury escape and can’t wait to travel in true style, comfort and pure bliss. A luxury escape isn’t exclusively about just the destination however, and every little detail plays a part in making it perfect. Here are seven must-pack items you cannot leave without for your luxury escape!


Half dressed is fully in

Dressing up, as convention dictates, is being tricked out in your most glamorous outfit from head to toe. However, half dressing, as fashion dictates, is all about making a statement, and it is all the rage. You pair a regular top with a fabulous bottom from New Look, and you can be the belle of the ball. Here are some looks you want to emulate on your next soiree. (…)

Poker Fashion

When going out for a day or night to play poker at a casino, it is often a dilemma for many people when it comes to what they should wear or not. There are several images that you may find all over the internet about poker fashion but they might not necessarily be suitable to wear at every casinos. Quite often, if you are visiting a casual casino, you can see people wearing their everyday clothes without being stopped by any casino employee for not respecting the dress code. Thus it is something to think about if you want to adhere to the dress code of a particular casino, and it will also allow you not to look overly formal and smart in a casual casino or too casual in grand casinos.


The Total Look is the Total Package for Fashion Enthusiasts


For lovers of fashion and history, the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Rudi Gernreich retrospective is a dream come true, especially if your dreams are a cross between a swinging ‘60s dance party, a fashion magazine editorial, and a passionate women’s rights rally. Yes? Well then, welcome to The Total Look.


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