How to revamp your wardrobe to save money

Want to revamp your wardrobe, look trendy all while saving money and NOT breaking the bank? Sometimes shopping retail can get overwhelming, especially with the holiday season approaching, overcrowded malls, and inventory overload. Some of your local mall retailers have not processed shipment, the floor may not have been recovered, and/or they may have too much inventory to look through. All of this can quickly make a shopper go into retail overload.


10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Getting married is a big deal and you want to do everything that you can to make sure that it stands out as one of the best days of your life. That being said, how can you make sure that your wedding is as unique as it can be? What sorts of things do you need to make sure that you look for? (…)

A World of Unmet Expectations

I personally have to go all the way back to my childhood to remember any moment in time when I can honestly say I experienced complete satisfaction – that moment when you finally get exactly whatever it is your heart desires. I guess it’s just one of those joys of being a child we’re never really aware of until we grow up, but this got me thinking about the world we live in, which appears to be a big world of unmet expectations. You turn on the television and while enjoying any show aimed at the female demographic, all one really gets is a message that we’re not good enough in some way or the other, and that trying to better ourselves is as easy as buying some or other beauty product, weight loss product, or just some or other clothing item. (…)

Do Your Feet Get Enough Action?

You avoid walking around barefoot, wearing shoes that cause skin irritation through their contact with your feet and you probably even avoid walking any chance you have, all in the name of “saving” your feet and perhaps protecting them from the wear-and-tear that results in some ugly feet, but are your feet getting enough action? Do you cover enough of a distance daily in order to give your feet the much-needed exercise they require to remain healthy, function properly and keep developing naturally? If you love your high heels and you wear them a lot, or if the shoes you wear most of the time only allow you to cover a few steps at a time until they cause too much discomfort, chances are you’re definitely not covering the daily recommended distance we should all be aiming for. (…)

Enjoying Summer While Your Ultimate Body is Still in Progress

With summer upon us and the allure of the outdoors in full-swing, there are naturally always some of those problem areas we want to target to shed some flab in. Well okay, they’re not really problem areas per se, but just some of those areas which the outside world will see a little bit more of, in line with all the outdoor activities we love to immerse ourselves in as we take advantage of the wonderful weather. (…)

Ideas for Wedding Gifts That Won’t Collect Dust

Although the gift-giving custom never fails to raise questions of relevance, we kind of fall into it with every next special occasion that comes around. In the case of weddings however, the gift-giving custom is suitably justified because it’s just a really nice way of helping out a newly-wed couple kick-start their domestic life and work on their marriage beyond the wedding. That’s where to start looking for wedding gift ideas that won’t collect dust – think about the people you’re buying gifts for as the budding homemakers that they are. (…)

Keep Your Feet Happy!

Do you come home after a long day at work with tired aching feet?  Do your feet begin to ache during the course of the day?  There are lots of recommendations for keeping your feet happy and heathy.  Follow these suggestions for maintaining healthy feet that will serve you well all day. (…)

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