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5 Smart makeup tricks for women who love makeup but don’t have time

Are you a busy body, always on the run? Do you love makeup but you seem to lack the necessary time to apply it? If you have given an affirmative answer to either one of these questions, this means that you have arrived at the perfect resource. In an effort to come to the rescue of busy women out there, we have gathered no less than five smart makeup tricks. Be sure to give those a try, as they will not occupy more than a couple of minutes of your time. (…)

Top Events to Dress Up for in Oz!

Australia is a very happy and good looking place, with a lot of good looking people, despite the entire ecosystem wanting to murder you in your sleep. You don’t need a lot of excuses to dress up here, except for the fact that it is typically a surfer nation.

Short hairstyles for the short haired girl

Short hair is in style these days. So many celebrities have taken to cutting their hair short and this is certainly a fashion and hairstyle trend that isn’t going away quickly! I know quite a few of my friends who made the decision to cut their length right down and none of them regretted it. There’s a misconception about short hair that all the styles look relatively the same due to not having the same length to work with. This is massively untrue because there are so many styles with different colours and fringes you can take influence from. To get a better idea of the sort of styles available to girls thinking about removing some length, I spoke to Yen Hair in Bromsgrove, a popular and professional hairdressers in the Birmingham area, about some of the latest trends that they expect to see requested in their salon.


The stylish world of sports gear

by  Canon in 2D  Caption: Half the fun in signing up to do exercise classes is deciding what to wear

Today, there’s no limit to where you can be fashionable. Even when you’re working out, there’s no reason why you can’t look good doing it. Sure, there’s nothing you can do about how sweaty you look in the middle of a Metafit or Kettlercise class, but at least you can do it in style.


Tips & Advice // 4 Reasons to Create a Look

I have this weird habit of editorializing my personal style–it comes with the job, I guess. Though I don’t go quite as far as wearing the same thing every day like this art director (which actually seems like a good idea), I like creating a look each season because it makes it easier for me to shop and edit my wardrobe. The benefits are small but meaningful: In addition to saving time getting dressed every day, I save money by trimming down my shopping list!


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