Get Beach-Ready and Bikini-Worthy – Win a Trip to Ibiza

Summer comes and goes without fail each year, yet a lot of us tend to forget that summer bodies are in fact made in winter. By the time summer shows its very first signs of peeking over the horizon with some blooming flowers permeating the air with their sweet scents, it’s perhaps a bit too late to start thinking about getting yourself beach-ready and bikini-worthy. Or is it? (…)

Arizona: The Perfect Winter Getaway and Shopping Excursion

If you live a place with a cold and snowy or wet and rainy climate, it is nice to escape for a warm winter vacation. You may imagine sitting on a beach on some Island, sipping on a tropical drink, but you may have much more fun travelling to the US State of Arizona. Summertime temperatures there can feel oppressively hot to many people, as it is located on the northern edge of the Sonoran Desert. (…)