The Best Revamped & Reloaded Muscle Car

Have you been dreaming of the most amazing muscle car ever? With fourth of July gas prices the lowest they’ve been in years – you have more reason to finally invest in that classic car style now, more than ever. The new take on the old classic cars aren’t all that economical when it comes to fuel efficiency. Many think they are not environmentally friendly, but with proper and routine maintenance your favorite classic car reboot can be more affordable and eco-friendly. So which one really comes out ahead when it comes to buying the best revamped classic car? (…)

Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Style can be important. It can be an aesthetic representation of your personality and can help towards making a good first impression. However, with current trends disappearing as quickly as they arrive, how can you make sure to stay within the style game? Keep up to date by following this year’s Autumn/Winter trends. (…)

Groupon Coupons – My Secret to Maintaining a Fresh Look

If you go all the way and create an entire blog about something, which in my case is lifestyle with a special focus on fashion, you basically pour your entire life into it and pick up a lot of expert knowledge to share on your chosen topic. It’s a labour of love though and in my case it has become important to maintain a fresh look — a fresh look which would otherwise be oh so expensive to maintain since it pretty much involves never appearing to wear the same outfit twice. (…)

Interview attire: power dressing on budget

Power dressing is a way of dressing in an interview that demonstrates you can dress smartly, but also shows to the interviewer that you’re a strong-willed individual who wants to succeed. If you’re still not sure what it is, it’s a way of dressing that demonstrates your importance through your clothes. (…)

Make This the Year You Dress Smart

Spring and summer are coming and you have nothing new in the way of fashion to wear. What a pity really. But wait, you don’t have to sulk in your sorrows when you can shop for a new spring and summer wardrobe from Nordstrom Rack. At you will find the finest in women’s, men’s and kid’s wear all from your favorite brands. Discover a new you when you buy from Nordstrom Rack. Everything you need to make this the year you dress smart can be found at Enjoy great selections of shoes, handbags, accessories, make-up and gifts. You will not be disappointed when you buy from Express yourself this year with fine selections of: dresses, tops, bottoms, jeans, activewear, sweaters, coats, jackets, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, watches and more! Love shoe shopping? Than you will adore the styles and finest from: sandals, boots, booties, sneakers, flats, pumps, mules, clogs and slippers. When you buy from Nordstrom you will always be able to put your best foot forward. Break out of the old ways and discover the new you when you make this the year you dress smart at (…)

Making Your Mark on a Fashion Career as a Man

When you’ve landed a role in the fashion industry as a man, a lot of back-and-forth pondering naturally develops as you try to decide just how to present yourself. You are after all working in the fashion industry, so you’d probably want your fashion sense to show in the way you dress up, yet at the same time you still want to maintain that professionalism which you know is required of you. Menswear experts, Noose & Monkey guides us in our navigation through the constraints of the professional world’s dress requirements and getting the balance right with that burning desire for a budding fashion worker to express their own dress style and sense. (…)

How to revamp your wardrobe to save money

Want to revamp your wardrobe, look trendy all while saving money and NOT breaking the bank? Sometimes shopping retail can get overwhelming, especially with the holiday season approaching, overcrowded malls, and inventory overload. Some of your local mall retailers have not processed shipment, the floor may not have been recovered, and/or they may have too much inventory to look through. All of this can quickly make a shopper go into retail overload.


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