5 must-have accessories in a shabby chic home

Known for its decorative and dreamy style, the shabby chic look never falls out of favour. If you’re keen to tap into this ever-popular design credo, keep reading. Here are five must-have accessories in a shabby chic home. (…)

Every day fashion tips to dress conservatively

The fashion-conscious among us will have noticed a particular shift towards a trend of modesty. Where mini-skirts and low-cut dresses have been a symbol of liberation among women for some decades, more and more catwalks are exhibiting collections which lean towards a conservative style. Whether you’re inclined to dress modestly for personal reasons, or whether you’re eager to keep up with the conservative fashion craze, here are some tips on how to achieve the look and remain fashion forward.

Certain staple pieces will be valuable to bulk out your wardrobe and work with your statement garments. For example, turtleneck anything. A few turtleneck tops and jumpers in basic block colours will go a long way. The turtle neck, while basic enough to work with statement pieces, still screams 90’s revival and looks totally chic while covering up shoulders, cleavage and neck.

Sometimes neckline is a tough task to tackle when trying to keep modesty in mind, especially for bigger-breasted women. Where the neckline sinks a little too low for your liking, try a co-ordinating camisole to bring it back up. If you’re worried about how tighter shirts like the turtleneck top will result in a little too much breast bounding while you’re trying to flaunt your reserved threads down the high street, try out a product like the Boobuddy which works to prevent breast movement. It’ll keep your modesty in tact if you choose to use to stray from roomy blouses.

Scarves and pashminas are another great tool to make your closet a touch more conservative. Revealing pieces you might’ve considered redundant in your quest to cover up can be transformed with them. Take a look at a few online tutorials on how you can maximise the potential looks you already own – it’ll save you some cash on statement pieces you might want to buy down the line.

Fitted trousers are a must-have, they’ll look professional without looking frumpy and maintain that tailored vibe. Paper-bag style trousers and cigarette style trousers create shape without appearing revealing. Alternatively, the palazzo pant is making a massive comeback. The shape elongates legs looking elegant without the figure-hugging form we’re used to used to create this effect.

Midi skirts and maxi skirts have surpassed the teeny-weeny mini skirts of last summer, and we’re here for it. Primary colour pleated midi skirts look amazing with t-shirts and trainers for a laid-back casual look and a metallic maxi is amazing to dress up with flowy blouses for a night-time look. Either way, there’s plenty of ways to customise the longer length skirts which look polished and feel comfortable.

The below-the knee shirt dress is tipped to be key trend for Autumn and understandably so. The versatile piece works alone or even better over a pair of leggings or jeans, making it ideal to fit into modest fashion. This is similar to the tunic dress, once ultra-trendy as a standalone piece is seen more and more coupled with a killer pair of trousers.

Good luck styling and remember layering is your best friend, you wouldn’t believe how many combinations you can create with minimal effort and maximum impact.

Power-Dressing is About More Than the Garments

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the phrase bandied about more than a few times (power dressing), but how many people actually know what the whole idea behind power dressing is about? Power dressing is not exclusively about the garments you wear – it’s not about that three-piece lady suit to demonstrate just how much you “mean business.”

There’s a much bigger dynamic at play here, transcending the garments as mentioned, and that dynamic is the power itself. It’s the expression of power if it is possessed in the first place, and if it isn’t then it’s about the seizure, establishment and perhaps the assertion thereof. (…)

When to Make a Beauty Treatment Claim? Truths and Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the techniques that have revolutionised the beauty sector the most. Currently, it is a very widespread treatment, which is carried out in many salons and beauty centres, although, according to personal injury legal experts http://shireslaw.com, not always by qualified personnel, nor with the safest and most effective equipment. (…)

How Does Bulimia Affect Your Teeth?

Bulimia nervosa, often referred to simply as bulimia, is an eating disorder that involves binge eating followed by purging. Purging essentially means attempting to rid your stomach of as much food as possible by inducing vomiting. It’s a serious issue that affects millions of people, and it can seriously impact the health of your teeth. (…)

5 tips to train yourself to walk faster

Daily exercise is an essential recommendation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but as one ages, something we take for granted like walking can get a tad bit more challenging. This is particularly true if you’re just trying to keep up with some of the people forming part of your life – your friends and family. Here are five tips put together by AARP, to be deployed if you want to speed up your walking speed: (…)

4 Tips to Prevent Smoking Staining Your Teeth

If you’re a smoker, the best thing to do for your oral health is stop completely. Of course, that isn’t as easy as it sounds, and many people are willing to run the risk of health problems to enjoy the habit. If you find yourself unable or unwilling to stop smoking, you can at least take a few steps to prevent staining. (…)

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