Known for its decorative and dreamy style, the shabby chic look never falls out of favour. If you’re keen to tap into this ever-popular design credo, keep reading. Here are five must-have accessories in a shabby chic home.

  1. Statement French bed

No shabby chic boudoir is complete without a statement French bed. Offering the ultimate in decadence and glamour, these intricately designed furnishings make the ideal focal point in a sleep space and they can set the tone for the rest of your design scheme. There are lots of models to choose from, from rococo and rattan to beautifully upholstered designs. For example, specialist retailer Crown French Furniture offers handmade beech models complete with carved detailing and button upholstered headboards. For a truly indulgent finish, you could select a frame finished in gold or silver leaf. Other classic hues include white and cream.

  1. Antique dresser 

Giving a rustic French feel to a dining room, kitchen, lounge or conservatory, an antique dresser never fails to deliver when it comes to shabby chic style. You can take your pick from heavy carved designs or simpler models, and for best results look out for solid wood designs with a gently distressed white or pastel finish. These furnishings give you a chance to showcase your finest dining sets and trinkets and they offer you extra storage too, making them a practical addition.

  1. Ornate wall mirrors

Large wall mirrors help to make rooms appear more spacious and bright, which is key to getting this interior design style right. From large over-mantel pieces to vanity mirrors for your bathroom, don’t hold back when it comes to these accessories. To really turn heads, opt for ornate frames. Traditional French Baroque creations have a majestic look, particularly when finished in gold or silver.

  1. Vintage lighting

Use your imagination when choosing light fixtures in your rooms. These accessories are far from just practical; in a shabby chic haven, they are highly ornamental too. For example, large chandeliers make a great centrepiece in a lounge or dining area, helping to bring these spaces to life. Think about dotting cute candle holders throughout your home as well, and warmly coloured lampshades can also give your home a shabby chic vibe.

  1. Lots of flowers 

You can never have too many flowers when you’re trying to tap into this look, from single stems to large bouquets. Display your fresh blooms in vases ranging in size, shape and style to add variety and interest to your rooms. With their natural elegance and beauty, flowers add the perfect finishing touch to mantelpieces, coffee tables, bookshelves and other surfaces

Including accessories like these in your home will ensure you nail the shabby chic look in no time. The key is to use your imagination and be bold in your choices.