Are you a busy body, always on the run? Do you love makeup but you seem to lack the necessary time to apply it? If you have given an affirmative answer to either one of these questions, this means that you have arrived at the perfect resource. In an effort to come to the rescue of busy women out there, we have gathered no less than five smart makeup tricks. Be sure to give those a try, as they will not occupy more than a couple of minutes of your time.

#1 Foundation and concealer as base

When you do not have time to apply complex makeup, try to find a couple of minutes and create a base for makeup. Even out your complexion by applying both foundation and concealer, hiding away any problem areas. Make sure that these are of the same color. Otherwise, the difference will be striking. If you want to obtain even better results, mix your foundation with the regular moisturizer before applying it on the skin. With this base on, you will look fantastic, requiring no other makeup. Plus, you will be able to hide any signs of tiredness, such as puffiness.

#2 Fast-drying eyeliner

Even if you are in a hurry, there is one quick makeup idea that you can try out. Do not go for complex eye shadows, as these are difficult to apply, and you could end up looking like a clown, rather than a beautiful woman. Instead, go for a fast-drying eyeliner, as this is simple to apply and it will help you look amazing indeed. Add a little bit of concealer first to hide your under eye bags and then use the eyeliner. In a minute, you will be ready to leave the house. A simple tip: take some time out for a salon day, and consider getting lash extensions in Edgewater (or where you live). These can really highlight your eyes, and you won’t have to worry about spending too much time on eye makeup next time!

#3 Cold eye cream

If you really want to be ready in a minute, prepare your strategy the night before. Place your regular eye cream in the fridge and, in the morning, apply it in the area around the eyes. The cold temperature, along with the active ingredients, will have a wonderful effect, leaving you looking well-rested and quite beautiful. The best eye creams become even better when they are kept in the fridge, as they cause the swollen blood vessels to constrict. Thus, no more redness or dark circles.

#4 Lip gloss

You might not think that something as simple as lip gloss can make a difference, but the truth is that it actually does. Putting on lip gloss takes less than a minute, and it will guarantee a fresh-looking appearance. If you are in a hurry, it is recommended to stick with neutral tones, as these are easier to apply. Given your experience, you can even apply it, without looking in the mirror.

#5 One-product rule

Your skin deserves the best, but sometimes you do not have the time to follow a complex skin care & makeup routine like most women out there. In such situations, it is for the best to stick with the one-product rule. Apply the one that provides the biggest difference, such as your anti-aging cream. For example, you can apply Revitaline, an anti-aging skin care complex which promises to minimize the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

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In conclusion, there are things you can do and measures you can take, in order to leave the house looking quite amazing. As you have seen, many of these tricks take under a minute, so do not hesitate to give them a try and convince yourself of how efficient they actually are.

Author Bio:

Evlin Symon is a freelance health writer from New Jersey. She enjoys learning about a wide variety of wellness issues and staying up-to-date on the latest research. She also is the author of many active blogs.