You avoid walking around barefoot, wearing shoes that cause skin irritation through their contact with your feet and you probably even avoid walking any chance you have, all in the name of “saving” your feet and perhaps protecting them from the wear-and-tear that results in some ugly feet, but are your feet getting enough action? Do you cover enough of a distance daily in order to give your feet the much-needed exercise they require to remain healthy, function properly and keep developing naturally? If you love your high heels and you wear them a lot, or if the shoes you wear most of the time only allow you to cover a few steps at a time until they cause too much discomfort, chances are you’re definitely not covering the daily recommended distance we should all be aiming for.

Your feet generally need to get more action. This likely applies to pretty much anyone living a normal modern-day life, perhaps with the exception of those who specifically incorporate some or other physical activity into their busy lives. Find out exactly how many walking steps you fall short by (if at all) with this infographic supplied by Brantano – The Anatomy of the Foot.

Brantano Anatomny of the Foot FINAL