They certainly could come around more often, but you get those days when you perhaps woke up from a great dream and you kick-start your morning feeling absolutely fabulous, like the world which awaits you is so just full of possibilities and there isn’t much that can spoil your mood. But even in the midst of all this fabulousness there’s often just an unshakable feeling of something missing. It could feel like something very small, but it feels significant nonetheless. That little missing piece is the need for you to whip out and rock that one outfit you didn’t quite know what exactly you were saving it for. You know, the one you always knew would look great on you, but you couldn’t quite place it in a setting you’d wear it in; your one movie star outfit! Everybody needs that one movie star outfit and if those super mornings come around more often, then that definitely calls for a couple more movie star outfits.

Studio Wardrobes

Dressing like a movie star is somewhat of an art though, but if you know exactly where to look, you can quite literally dress like a movie star – like literally dress in the clothes worn by your favourite on-screen characters. If you take the time to locate a movie or television studio, or if you’re lucky enough to live near one, pop in for a visit and ask to speak to someone in charge of disposing of the post-set wardrobe items. Many motion picture production studios even have a formalised structure through which they sell off all the clothes used in their productions, which means you can get some unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are as new as having been worn once or twice, for the duration of the filming in the scenes they were featured in. Seriously, this is a big market which largely operates on the hush-hush and if you don’t have any luck getting in direct contact with someone who can alert you of any new merchandise that’s up for grabs, befriend a make-up artist or anyone else who works in just about any division of a production studio.

Some of these “second-take” clothing items are sold quite openly, like on online platforms, where you can even get some of the other props used in the productions.

Shopping at Specialist Retailers

If you look hard enough you can definitely source the so-called “second-take” clothing items worn by your favourite TV stars, but if you really can’t or if the pricing is a bit out of the range of your budget, the next best thing is to mimic those unique clothing items. It’s usually about how the entire outfit is put together, as opposed to a focus on single clothing items, but you’ll have to do your shopping at specialist retailers. If you want a unique pair of shoes for instance, you’ll only find them at a large specialist shoe outlet and if you want a unique-looking evening dress, picking one out from your local clothing retail chain store will rather have you looking like everyone else who’s “in fashion.”