With summer upon us and the allure of the outdoors in full swing, there are naturally some of those problem areas we want to target to shed some flab. Well okay! They’re not really problem areas per se, but just some of those areas which the outside world will see a little bit more, in line with all the outdoor activities we love to immerse ourselves in as we take advantage of the wonderful weather. Still, we can be conscious enough about our bodies to get a great figure, especially to rock a sexy swimsuit.

If you have similar goals, perhaps you can adopt a regular workout routine, healthy diet, etc., to shed fat and get curves. You can also look into aesthetic treatments like body sculpting provided by a professional clinic. Such clinics might employ devices like EmSculpt Neo that can target particular regions of the body, including abs, buttocks, biceps, triceps, calf muscles, outer and inner thighs, etc. Moreover, you can also look into other suggestions to improve your appearance this summer.

Don’t Go Full Bikini Yet

If you’re still effectively working on your ultimate bikini bod, the allure of the cooling water and the fun under the sun to go with may prove a little bit too much to resist either way. You might be comfortable showing off your legs, but feel that your stomach isn’t quite ready (not quite flat enough) to make an appearance. While you diligently follow your stomach-flattening training regime and load up on the weight loss shakes, wear a monokini if the call of the outdoors is too great to ignore. Anyhow, they’ve been back in fashion for a while now, with no signs of going out anytime soon, but there are so many different monokini designs that if you pick yours right, you can very easily hide those “work in progress” areas and reveal the “non-problematic” areas.

So don’t deny yourself the call of the surf or perhaps just the lusty kiss of the sun, if lazily lying around on the beach is more up your alley.

Keep it Moving

Even the least body-conscious among us can’t help but second guess our desire to just get out there and fully enjoy all which summer has to offer, especially if you’re still in the process of cryo body sculpting your ultimate summer body. When the temptation to just get out there proves a bit too much to resist, take that as the ultimate opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Who said you can’t enjoy the great summer outdoors while you’re still working on your ultimate summer body? It should never really be a matter of secretly putting in the hours at the gym while building up to the “ultimate summer body reveal.” Trust me, you’ll get a bigger kick out of your partner, friend or relative one day suddenly looking a little too long at you, fighting back the urge to ask whether or not you’ve lost weight or if you’ve been putting in some hard work at the gym. It should be a “gradual reveal” in this way.

So in order to ensure not to miss out on summer while the sun is still eager to shine brightly each day, you can still look fab in some sportswear, building up to the “gradual reveal,” all while still sticking to your summer workout regime and ensuring you eat right too. There’s a range of sports supplements to help you stay on track and make sure you realise your summer fitness goals, but in the meantime, keep it moving with some outdoor activities that require your physical engagement.

It’ll make for the ultimate excuse to wear more “flattering” clothes, like public-worthy yoga pants, tights, sports vests, etc.