Summer comes and goes without fail each year, yet a lot of us tend to forget that summer bodies are in fact made in winter. By the time summer shows its very first signs of peeking over the horizon with some blooming flowers permeating the air with their sweet scents, it’s perhaps a bit too late to start thinking about getting yourself beach-ready and bikini-worthy. Or is it? It doesn’t really matter what state your body is in, you should always have the confidence to hit the beach and wear what you like. And there are plenty of sites which can help you feel confident, there is even swimwear for post baby blues, like the ones here! But either way, you can easily get your body back into shape with some tips and tricks as well as just pure commitments and self control. Truth be told, the hard part is getting into shape. After you have accomplished that, everything else related to the bikini body would be relatively easier to achieve, from getting a polished and toned skin (by using a body scrub) to a hairless body (which can be achieved by availing of Laser Hair Removal Treatment). So, make sure you are committed to your weight-loss routine.

Anyway, until now, you’d have had to spend days upon days in the gym trying to combat those winter blues which contribute to you putting on a bit of weight. It’s now possible though to get in shape really quickly and hit the beach with confidence within a matter of 30 days, and you now have added incentive to do so.

Get in Shape and Win a Trip to Ibiza

MaxiNutrition is all set to hit you with a double-whammy, resolving to help you get right back into beach-worthy shape and even rewarding you quite handsomely if your efforts yield the best results out of everybody else who’ll be taking up the challenge. The MaxiNutrition Ibiza challenge makes for the chance of a lifetime for you to show off your newly-minted beach body, which you can chisel and shape in just 30 days. Participants depicting the best results stand a chance to win the Iberian trip to Spain’s Ibiza Island, where people with beach bodies just love to show them off, while partying it up on the white sandy beaches.

The Workout Plan

It perhaps doesn’t get any better than this in terms of taking up a workout plan which will give you the best chance of getting your beach body ready in a matter of mere weeks. The workout plan is not just a series of reworked routines which have been recycled and repurposed in just about every weight-loss and/or muscle toning article you’ve come across. This is an award winning fitness and nutrition plan which was designed to solidify MaxiNutrition’s position as a leading supplements producer, so you can rest-assured you’re getting the best exercise and fitness tools available. To stand a chance of winning, all you’re required to do is take part in the programmes and you could be walking away a winner in more than just one way. You’ll have to commit to taking “before” pictures so that the competition organisers have a way of gauging your results and determining a winner in that way.

The Prize

Well, apart from enjoying the health (and visual) benefits of strutting around in a beach-worthy body, you’ll be in line to win a fully-inclusive trip to Ibiza, where you’ll be treated to the VIP life. The trip includes flights, plus you get to bring two of your friends along. As the winner, you also get 500 in spending money just to sweeten the prize a bit, as if it wasn’t sweet enough, right?

Click here to learn more about all the details of the competition. There’s never been a bigger incentive for you to put some serious effort into getting your beach body back.