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Common sense style is the best decision I have made in a long time. I love sharing my ideas and advice to my readers. I like to give out my opinions and reviews on here so I’m always up for an opinion or two.

What do I ask from you? Feedback! Feedback from my readers is what I live for. Knowing that you’re acknowledging my site makes me very happy! But sometimes it’s not always positive. So, If you have a critical comment for me or even some advice on how I can improve, then do use to contact form below to let me know.

Guest Post Submissions

I am open to guest posting! Hearing from you is great but receiving posts is on another level. It shows that you are interested in posting with me! I do love to see different opinions and advice that I can learn from. But on the other hand, I have some guidelines that I would like you to follow to be able to post on my site!:

  • Guest posts that are submitted to my site have to be 500 words or more.
  • All guest posts that you give me have to be all true content as I will check if not.
  • All opinions shared in your guest post have to be your own and facts have to be true
  • Content should be the same as to content on Common Sense Style so anything relevant to fashion or travel. 

Examples of Guest Post Topics:

  1. Fashion Hauls 
  2. Beauty Reviews
  3. Skincare Regimes/Reviews
  4. Health & Fitness
  5. Hairstyle Inspiration
  6. Shopping Discounts & Vouchers
  7. Interior Design
  8. Fashion Show Reviews
  9. Seasonal Fashion Guides
  10. Life Hacks 

If you notice a technical problem with my site and I don’t notice these things so you can help! If you give me any notice about a problem you have noticed then I can fix it right away!

Anything else you want to tell me then do let me know! I can help you either way.

I do look forward to hearing from you

If you have feedback, a question, or just want to say “hey”, use the form below or feel free to send me an email at


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