If you go all the way and create an entire blog about something, which in my case is lifestyle with a special focus on fashion, you basically pour your entire life into it and pick up a lot of expert knowledge to share on your chosen topic. It’s a labour of love though and in my case it has become important to maintain a fresh look — a fresh look which would otherwise be oh so expensive to maintain since it pretty much involves never appearing to wear the same outfit twice.

Mixing and Matching

Yes, I profess that it is indeed the oldest trick in the book, mixing this skirt with that shirt from the last time you wore what looked like a totally different outfit, but I felt it pertinent to mention as one of the ways through which I maintain my fresh look because quite simply, it is. What it also does however is it opens up a whole new world of what can seem like endless possibilities when you pair your mixing and matching exploits with some of the other means through which I endeavour to maintain a fresh look.


Groupon coupons in particular play a huge role in helping me pull off what was once deemed to be near impossible because of the cost associated with it, but yeah, I use what can often work out to be mega discounts to keep my wardrobe looking like it was pulled right off the clothing rack of some backstage collection in a recent fashion show. I do this in two ways, one of which is directly and the other indirectly.

So the direct way entails simply scouring the Groupon coupon’s discounts page for those coupons which offer discounts at fashion outlets. I’m talking here the likes of Macy’s which sometimes has the greatest deals which offer up to 70% storewide, so I’m not limited to specific fashion items. Moreover, there are so many more sites where you can find amazing deals and promo codes. As long as you know where to look (more information here), shopping with a budget without compromising on style can be accomplished quite easily. Some of the deals that you find work out well in other ways, such as one which says you get something like $5 off every $25 you spend and so you can even balance things out to get some free shipping as well. Other direct fashion store discount deals I use involve the likes of Express.com’s coupons, Toms, etc…Groupon coupons has a long, long list of these.

In more of an indirect way of using discounts, I sometimes just use them to buy stuff which I can barter with people who want to exchange some fashion items for other goods.


This is where it gets interesting, well as interesting as I think it is because in the world of fashion maintaining a fresh look has a lot to do with trends. I use coupons for the likes of a Hotels.com to get a free night’s stay at some of those hotels where they love to hold fashion shows and other related events, which gives me the chance to sneak a peek into the latest trends in that way and to meet up with some of the great minds in fashion.