Dressing up, as convention dictates, is being tricked out in your most glamorous outfit from head to toe. However, half dressing, as fashion dictates, is all about making a statement, and it is all the rage. You pair a regular top with a fabulous bottom from New Look, and you can be the belle of the ball. Here are some looks you want to emulate on your next soiree.


Party skirt

The party skirt is reminiscent of the days when crinolines and hoops were what women wore if they wanted to be well dressed. It is a full skirt nearly, but not quite, full length, and billowing out in all its splendor. Because you pair this with a plain, even severe top, you can go all out on the print, sparkles, and the ridiculous.

Sparkly mini

You can also go to the other extreme in volume, and go for the sleek and funky lame wrap with cotton T-shirt. Although it is gaudy and shimmery, it is the perfect outfit for work first and party later. It’s something you can easily get away with. Just change shoes and you can be office ready or party hearty in a snap.

Swishy A-line

If gaudy or sparkly is not your style, you can still get a great party look by playing with textures different textures. A severe black A-line transitioning to fringes midway down gives you that retro 1920s vibe when women wore long strappy shirts to their knees with fringes and called it good.  Fringes are flirty and fun without being over the top, and they go perfectly with a shimmery top.

Half dressing is a great way to have the best of both worlds: comfortable, everyday tops with fabulous, attention-getting bottoms. What makes more sense than that? If you are always worried about being over-dressed for an occasion, this is your solution. It is the ultimate mix and match, perfect for any after-dark function.