Summer is all gone and fall is taking over, allowing all the fashionistas of the world to step up with their layering skills and embrace the deep hues of colder months. And while most people can’t wait for the summer to pass to be able to wear their favorite oversized sweaters, comfy boots, and drown in infinity scarfs, others are saying goodbye to the flowy summer shorts with tears in their eyes. However, there is a group of people who have one thing they will not let go off: sandals. Be it those flip-flops, oofos (check out, gladiators, or even rope sandals, they are still holding on to it. But how in the world can you wear summery sandals when it’s cold outside? Let’s see their tips and tricks.

If Jimmy Choo can make it, we can wear it

Sometimes, seeing a flat, strappy sandal on someone dressed in warmer clothes can seem a bit silly if not paired correctly, but if you take that same shoe and put a heel on it, suddenly it just looks right. Many designers know that really well, which is why a lot of their autumn collections include sandal-like heels. This has mostly to do with our perception of heels being more formal, and formal shoes often being more open. So, if we see someone wearing strappy heels in the colder weather, we are much more likely to assume that they are well-put-together than to think they have no idea how to dress. If wearing heels, make sure that the rest of your outfit matches by pairing them with a smarter outfit, especially on the bottom half. Pants or a good skirt will look good, while pairing them with leggings won’t work very well. Opt for a wide-leg cut or fitted suit pants, and make sure you wear an appropriate top.

Rock the socks

I didn’t believe it until I saw it. Upon hearing the mention of socks and sandals as a combo, you most likely think that it is the worst match in the world, and in a lot of cases, you would be right. However, some brilliant people have found ways to wear sandals while wearing sustainable socks to keep their feet warm and snug, and it tends to be so fashionable you will not believe the impact. The first thing you should consider with this is that the socks now become an integral part of your outfit, and you have to choose them carefully. For a more girl-next-door, youthful look, pair block-heel sandals with white socks, preferably over-the-knee ones. But if you are opting for a more elegant look, go for a print and generally more statement socks, or traditional black to make it seem more professional. If you start considering socks an integral part of the outfit and not just something that keeps you warm, you will be surprised by all of the options you’ll be presented with.

Wide-strap paradise

There is a misconception that sandals are only the shoes with thin straps which show a lot of skin. Actually, this is not true at all and knowing that will help you a lot with wearing sandals in the colder months. Some wide-strap sandals can easily be paired with fall or even winter outfits. Comfortable Birkenstock shoes from Australia have been a lot of people’s go-to piece and it’s no wonder, since they are classic, yet elegant, and can be paired with so many outfits. Unlike thin-strap sandals, these don’t need to have a heel to look right with a warmer outfit, and the coverage they provide means that they will keep you warm enough with or without socks.

In the world of so many fashion rules and guidelines, the ones that stand out from the crowd will always be the ones who dare to pair something that was not made to go together and make it work. By combining a shoe that is typically associated with warmer months with fall or winter clothes, you are making a fashion statement that is not only completely stylish, but one that lets you express yourself, because there truly aren’t any rules to constrict you.