Although the gift-giving custom never fails to raise questions of relevance, we kind of fall into it with every next special occasion that comes around. In the case of weddings however, the gift-giving custom is suitably justified because it’s just a really nice way of helping out a newly-wed couple kick-start their domestic life and work on their marriage beyond the wedding. That’s where to start looking for wedding gift ideas that won’t collect dust – think about the people you’re buying gifts for as the budding homemakers that they are.

When one does indeed look at the act of wedding gift-giving from the point of view of helping out a couple of homemakers start their home, some other complications come into play. It’s not that easy because the probability is that everyone else is trying to think in the exact same way as you. So it’s very easy for two or more of the exact same gifts to get unwrapped, inevitably resigning one of those gifts to collect dust and effectively go to waste. You definitely wouldn’t want that to be one of your gifts because just picking one out is hard enough already. Cue a little bit of creativity to go with the main consideration of practicality. Sometimes it doesn’t exclusively have to be about practicality though. You just need to find something different and unique – like custom photo diamond painting for example, so thoughtful yet so unique!

Wedding Gift DON’Ts

Please, resist the urge to buy decorative ornaments with every bit of restraint you have. Ornaments and any items that are purely for decorations for that matter fall into the number one category of wedding gifts that go on to do nothing but collect dust, quite simply because people have different tastes. Yes, you may have a style and taste which you’re pretty sure represents something close to the newly-weds for whom you’re buying the gift, but decorative items are only good if they match with other ornaments and decorations, which will be near impossible if different people are contributing different gifts. There’ll be a lot of style clashes and your contribution has very little chance of surviving the crossed styling.


Don’t be afraid to go a little bit off tradition and source a gift that’s a little less practical for homemakers. One idea we are loving right now is; find out what their first dance song will be, and check out Spotify Glass Music Plaques using their song! If anything, it’ll be very memorable and won’t go to waste, but perhaps even more importantly, newly-wed homemakers are still the same people they’ve always been so they also enjoy a bit of fun. So if you’re thinking about buying them an inflatable hot tub from Oldrids, or perhaps a spa voucher, go for it! These types of gifts will likely be very well received and made full use of. That said, you could most definitely look at options that could include a pair of Personalized BobbleHeads Dolls for the bride and the groom, with their caricatured faces! It sure could be a fun addition to their gift repertoire!

If you do insist on being practical, some of the most practical gifts people tend not to think of are those which have multiple purposes and become disposable over time with everyday use. Something like a bag of fertiliser may be squinted at by other fellow gift-givers, but if one of the newly-weds is a gardening enthusiast and the couple are both moving into a home with a big lawn, how much more practical can you get than that?