Power dressing is a way of dressing in an interview that demonstrates you can dress smartly, but also shows to the interviewer that you’re a strong-willed individual who wants to succeed. If you’re still not sure what it is, it’s a way of dressing that demonstrates your importance through your clothes.

It can often be difficult to pull off this style of dress on a limited budget, as power dressing is all about bold suits, blazered jackets and other office attire that showcases your professionalism. As these types of items are usually expensive, we’ve collaborated with Noose & Monkey to help you achieve the power dressed look on a limited budget.

It’s not just clothes that help to achieve this look

If you want to look important, a stand-out candidate from the crowd, and someone who takes their professional life seriously, it’s not just clothes that you need. Rather than buying a new suit, one of your cheapest options would be to get a haircut before the interview rather than paying for a new suit. A well-groomed hairstyle can make a huge impression. Seeking a professional men’s haircut adds that extra layer of meticulous care to your appearance. A neat haircut and well-maintained facial hair (if applicable) can go a long way in making you look like a professional. Consider visiting a mens haircuts barber shop Red Deer, or a similar salon in your vicinity to attain a stylish hairdo. When paired with the right apparel, you are able to showcase a confident, polished exterior that resonates with professionalism and attention to detail, which can be particularly crucial in a professional setting or job interview. Applying a light layer of cologne or perfume can also help to create a sense of confidence and presence. Besides grooming, you can also get a pair of non-prescription glasses from https://felixgray.com/blog/non-prescription-glasses/ or similar companies to cultivate a more professional and refined style.

What to wear: men and women

For men, try to go for dark colours such as black, grey or blue when wearing a suit. Black can look domineering and is probably the best option if you’re looking for the power suit that’s going to impress. Your tie should also be a standard block colour, and are usually inexpensive if you choose a budget retailer. As well as this, if you want an item in your arsenal that demonstrates your confidence, match the suit with a waistcoat that shows you mean to be taken seriously.

For women, trousers or a skirt are the most appropriate way of power dressing. If it’s a skirt, then make sure it sits no shorter than just above the knee, as this keeps the look professional rather than one for an evening party. You can’t go wrong with a black skirt as it is the most professionally neutral shade to wear. Recycle your shoes, and choose a pair that aren’t too high but give you that lift so that you feel confident and ready for any type of question that they ask.

Recycle where you can. If you’re looking for a power-dress solution on an incredibly limited budget, then recycle your old clothes. If you’ve got a pair of black trousers from the likes of your prom suit, then couple this with a neutral coloured jumped and a white Oxford shirt; if you haven’t, then source them from a friend or family member. Find what items you already have, rather than buying a whole new outfit, and you’ll more than likely be surprised to find out that you’ll only have to buy one additional item to complete your particular look.

Elbow grease is worth more than new shoes

Rather than spend the money on a new pair of shoes or heels, work with what you already have. Don’t look to buy anything that you can polish anyway. Polished shoes always turn out as good as new, making you a great saving as opposed to spending money on a new pair. Remember, you can polish or clean a pair of shoes more than once, so you’re going to make a greater saving in the long-term.

With these tips in mind, your power dressing techniques will more than likely get you the job, and if it means saving money along the way then what could be better? Always remember to speak for yourself and don’t let your outfit do all the talking, after all, you’re the one wearing it.