When it comes to the expression of our style through the various channels available to us, such as how we dress ourselves and how we decorate our home interiors, there is a common perception that in order to truly be able to express your character through this type of styling you have to have a matching budget. We often look at the featured homes of celebrities with a bit of envy because we know that they essentially had no limits by way of the budgets available to them to express their true character through their styling.

Sometimes they even come out with it explicitly, citing how they never wear the same outfit twice and perhaps how they re-decorate their home interiors at the first whiff of the new season entering.

It’s a little bit unfair for us regular folk with average budgets to try and model our own character expression through style on the modus operandi of the rich and famous. It isn’t just unfair because of the financial advantage they enjoy, but also because of the fact that celebrities hardly ever pay for all the stuff they get, especially some of that stuff which is intentionally broadcast for the public to see. It gets given to the celebs so that you and I can aspire to have it all, except if we want it we must go and buy it all.

In fact, celebrities often even have a lot of unopened goods, whether household interior decor goods or clothes and other accessories, some of which the average person looking in on their lives would pay some good money for.

So if you don’t have the budget of a celebrity, but you want to maintain a fresh style all the time, there’s a way around having to burn through a colossal budget. You can, for instance, aim to redesign your home interiors that could stay in trend for years to come. Basic home features such as walls, flooring, lighting fixtures, roofing, landscaping, etc., can have a long life and some of the designs and materials could be far more popular.

When talking about interiors, one of the prominent materials and textures that could be used in a residence is woodwork. You can use engineered wood alpharetta (or elsewhere) for house flooring; create an accent wall in the living room and bedroom to create focal points; and install chandeliers and hanging lights over the dining table for pleasing aesthetics, among other design ideas. Such changes in your house can help you to plan a timeless interior that could be considered a fresh style throughout the year.

You can further go through listed the points to see what other measures you can adopt to have a trendy house style.

Buy to Sell

Get into the buying and selling business, even if on an informal basis. For clothes you could open up a boutique store, with some of the clothing clearly indicated to have been worn once or twice and “pre-loved”. This so called “second-take” market is quite a big one actually and you can get in on the action too, perhaps going beyond clothing with it and also turning your focus to interior decor items. You can even do it online…

Seasonal Decorating

Yes, you’re encouraged to take a leaf out of the books of the very celebrities who enjoy an unfair advantage by way of the financial might they have to keep their particular style fresh. Seasonal decorating (for interiors) means you don’t have to bring out everything and display it all at once. A few interchanges here and there will go a long way in keeping things fresh.

Buy Unique Pieces

If you’re on the market for contemporary table lamps for example, there is perhaps no better way to keep things fresh than to go for those pieces which are totally unique, like one-of-a-kind items which aren’t mass produced (if at all) to the point that they’re all over the show when they’re hot and trending and then suddenly go out of flavour when everybody gets sick of them. If it’s unique, it’s always fresh and can never go out of fashion because it was never in fashion to start off with.