When you’ve landed a role in the fashion industry as a man, a lot of back-and-forth pondering naturally develops as you try to decide just how to present yourself. You are after all working in the fashion industry, so you’d probably want your fashion sense to show in the way you dress up, yet at the same time you still want to maintain that professionalism which you know is required of you. Menswear experts, Noose & Monkey guides us in our navigation through the constraints of the professional world’s dress requirements and getting the balance right with that burning desire for a budding fashion worker to express their own dress style and sense.

Clean cut all the way

No beards – you’re not a male model. Fashion industry workers should follow the professional workplace template by way of their grooming in that respect. A clean, fresh and presentable look works best with any beards (if you insist) kept tamed.

Maintain good posture

Full formalwear will be required of you if you’ll be meeting directors or clients. A tartan suit is a great way to set yourself apart from all the regular “suits” since you are after all in the fashion world, but only for a selection of fashion businesses.

The three-piece should be saved for office parties and other such events.

Capsule footwear

Ditch the sneakers and get yourself a good selection of work shoes that will get you through all seasons. Classic brown oxfords are a must, with winter covered by a selection of some boots. Chelsea or brogue styles will work. Finally, you need to have a pair of comfy loafers for when the weather is warmer. Depending on just how formal your workspace is however, something black may be required.

Classics always win

The one thing which men’s fashion enjoys over that of the ladies is the fact that it’s comprised out of a selection of classic staple styles which just never go out of trend. Those white oxford shirts for example seem to work with just about anything and as part of what makes up the classic staple styles that never go out of fashion, they can be used as a great filler to complement those days where you go all out to rock your individual styling. Youthful casual styles should be avoided, which means you should rather opt for sport staples instead of something like a deep v-neck.


Individual style can be flaunted with the addition of a modest selection of token touches which will go well with some outfits. Suits for example can have you adding a tie clip and a watch and if a shirt and trousers sees you dressing down, suspenders would probably go well with that.

Casual doesn’t mean relaxed

Joggers are a no-no, even if your workplace is more of a casual one – you are still working in the fashion world after all. Dark denim or chinos should be paired with a metallic watch and a crisp shirt if you want to achieve the dressed-down look in a manner that never goes out of fashion.