Style can be important. It can be an aesthetic representation of your personality and can help towards making a good first impression. However, with current trends disappearing as quickly as they arrive, how can you make sure to stay within the style game? Keep up to date by following this year’s Autumn/Winter trends.

Edgy Boots

Although boots have always been heralded as a winter essential, edgier boots are now coming back into fashion. With oranges and black styles making a solid re-entry onto the catwalk, make sure to grab yourself a pair. With winter boots often being sturdy and sometimes waterproof, not only do they look great but they’re also practical for the harsher weather. Grab yourselves some boots that are both high quality and affordable, and you’re onto a winner. 

Different Layers

A noticeable look on the catwalk was playing around with different layers. With many designers choosing a longer layer for the initial piece of clothing and then shortening them as they get to the shirts and jackets, it’s a quirky take on layering up. The best part of this trend is that you might not even need to buy anything new – see what you already have in your wardrobe and start dressing up.

Looser Trousers

After what feels like years of skinny jeans reigning supreme, you’ll once again be able to feel your legs in more sensible trousers. This trend isn’t going to the extreme of the 80’s MC Hammer-esque style, but more towards a gentler looking slouchy trouser. With many of the trousers going towards a 70’s look, why not pop down to your local charity shop and see what they have on offer? You might even find yourself a one of a kind.


Leather has officially returned to the catwalk. No longer is it associated with bikers and punks – it’s now far more wearable for the average guy. Pair it with a pair of dark boots, and you’ve almost got a complete outfit sorted. If you want to start off more subtly then begin with a leather jacket – edgy with it on, a calmer outfit with it off. A pair of leather shoes will also have a similar impact. With leather no longer being exclusively black, you can wear it your way, whatever your style.

Two Tones

Two-toned looks are everywhere. From high street brands to the catwalk, everyone is talking about this trend. Usually comprising of two shades of the same colour, though you can go more extreme with colour clashing, you can update your look by simply adding one more tone to it – easy! A trend that almost everyone can get away with, why not add some two tone items to your wardrobe? Make sure that the colours don’t clash with your skin and hair tones and you’ll be onto a sure thing. From t-shirts to jeans, to bomber jackets, it’s a look that can be worn anytime and anyplace. You don’t even have to step away from your favourite colour.