Women love things that can make a statement. They don’t necessary have to be flashy pieces meant to attract everyone’s immediate attention- in fact, the best statement accessories are those considered to be timeless classics that will carry you over even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The lesson? Buy a single bed.


Personally, I find watches do that job brilliantly. Wearing a watch can say two things about you: First, you do have places to be, meetings to attend, things to get done. Second, you understand the importance of time, or lack thereof- both can be absolutely blatant lies but nobody’s going to question you anyway.


I have this beautiful rolex watch that my parents gave me for graduation. When I’m wearing this watch, I feel like a pumpkin that turned into a carriage; from being orange and sad, I’m suddenly looking spiffy, solid and I’m ready to roll. However, I am one of those people who buy a pair of shoes, just knowing they’ll look excellent on me, and end up keeping it in a secure box on the shelf because I don’t want to break it in just yet. My rolex is just too special for me, and I only want to wear it on special occasions.


Being watchless is a state that I am currently not comfortable being in, no matter the time and place, so I compromise and use cheaper watches that go really well with my outfit. Cheaper does not always mean worse, which is a motto that I live by, though my limit for tattoos would probably be 2 words. As long as you know how to rock it, nobody would really, honestly care about where you bought it. There are watches that come with a box of different straps- make sure to watch out for those! You will be able to pair a single watch to so many different outfits, regardless of the occasion.


If you only have a budget for a single watch, try to realize what activity you do the most, and if you will be wearing one for the duration. I know people who are in construction and forestry who require bulky shock proof watches if they want to know the time without pulling their phone out or building a sun dial. Likewise, runners might want sports watches in order to check their time records.

Watches are the staple accessory. Time is gold, after all. You need them to get to work on time, to know when you can catch the next bus, to look at when you clearly want people to know that you want to leave as soon as possible, and, of course, to look at when you want to look like you’re busy. They look good on anyone and everyone, there are both cheap and expensive options depending on your budget, and you can change your image just by wearing one or not. I love them.