Seriously now, with the dawn of the internet age and all which comes with the wired world that’s full of information available at everyone’s fingertips, is it not time for us to re-think the dynamics of the ancient gift-giving ritual? If anything, it seems as if the quick and easy access to all this information has complicated gift-giving further, adding to what I believe to be unnecessary pressure. I mean, you just have to search for “t-shirt printing sydney” and you would get a list of service providers who would be able to deliver what you need!

More collaboration

If one didn’t know better, you’d swear the “it’s the thought that counts” cliché was just that – a cliché. Is it really the thought that counts if we’re made to feel so much pressure to produce personalized gifts in a world where personalisation is the new normal?

Well I’ve found that collaboration is the key to personalizing what are otherwise common gift ideas and actually being able to afford those gifts. I’ve formed an informal bulk-buying club through which the likes of wholesale fragrances are bought in bulk so that everyone in the little buying club can effectively get a gift for whomever they’re buying it for at the wholesale price.

It’s a simple concept really and the phrase “bulk-buying” is perhaps used a bit too loosely. The deal is if at least four or more of us want to buy a fragrance from the many available at Apparel Candy, which make for great unique and personalised gifts just by the way, we buy them together and get the wholesale price. There’s nothing more to it and if you’re worried about the gift’s recipient feeling like just another one of millions of people who received the exact same gift, I don’t know which planet you live on! If anything there is just no way anyone in my own neighbourhood or perhaps even within a 5-10km radius receives the exact same fragrance as anybody else, as a gift!

Even if by some crazy, lotto-winning-odds type chance they did, what are the chances they know each other and what are the chances they’d discuss the fragrances they each received as gifts?

I think if I decided to do this wholesale buying thing on a full-time basis it’d grow into a serious business, but I have no desire to take it that seriously, so for now I’ll just continue to be part of my little bulk-buying club just so that I can afford to buy more gifts whenever I need to, even those gifts which are more of a personalized nature such as custom name rings.

I do intend for this blog to one day have an integrated online store however, but it most definitely won’t be about the profits, but rather helping my readers succeed in the everyday challenges we all face, such as that of not quite knowing how to approach the next gift-giving season. One thing I know for sure though is that I’ll be stocking the likes of wholesale sunglasses and other inventory which can go a long way in making for unique gifts from Apparel Candy.

Either way, don’t take gift-giving too seriously if it’s giving you sleepless nights. After all, it is indeed the thought that counts.