When going out for a day or night to play poker at a casino, it is often a dilemma for many people when it comes to what they should wear or not. There are several images that you may find all over the internet about poker fashion but they might not necessarily be suitable to wear at every casinos. Quite often, if you are visiting a casual casino, you can see people wearing their everyday clothes without being stopped by any casino employee for not respecting the dress code. Thus it is something to think about if you want to adhere to the dress code of a particular casino, and it will also allow you not to look overly formal and smart in a casual casino or too casual in grand casinos.

However if you simply wish to enjoy your favourite game of poker, blackjack, online slots, or roulette, or live casino games without bothering about any fashion restriction or anyone disapproving of your attire, you may simply play at an online casino slots site like Magical Vegas. By playing at this popular online casino, you can dress in your very own style and this can even include your pjs or nighty. Nobody will be judging your dressing fashion at Magical Vegas, while you are playing from the whole range of poker and online slot machines available.


When looking at professional poker players, you might guess that some of them make a living by playing poker by simply looking at their casino fashion sense. The world’s greatest poker players come in all colours, sizes, shapes, and much more. And each of them comes with their individual fashion as well. Poker can be considered as a fashion as each player brings in their very own fashion and displays their unique look out on the table. While being around a table of poker, you will most probably notice that each of them have their own fashion statement.

Most movies that had a poker scene in them involved players wearing nice business suits and them being professional at the table until all hell break loose when any hand goes wrong. These movies often gives off a rich image of the players, making them stylish and sleek. And this is probably the image that most people would picture in their mind when it comes to a poker player. However, the reality of online poker fashion is not always fashionable suits. Nowadays you can find a lot of young players taking part in poker tournaments wearing jeans and baseball caps. For example the winner of the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, Joe Cada is known to sport this look and it has since be copied by various other players.


First popularised by Phil Laak at the tournament tables, the large hoodie has since come a long way. This professional poker player has a trademark style of pulling the hood of his sweatshirt over his head while wearing sunglasses. The hooded look have since become a common sight among poker players. Some players wear sponsored attire by major poker rooms who are always looking for every possible opportunity to have a spot on television or in a big crowd to promote their rooms.

The high lifestyle of casinos does not mean you have to conform to wearing branded suits when the time comes to visit one of them, however you should always check the dress code restrictions of the casino prior to your visit, unless you want to play online.