On one of my first trips to Camargo Trading Company, nosiness/curiosity led me on a dizzying exploration of wedding registry plates, plaid picture frames, and other tchotchkes and gifts for the ladies-who-lunch-in-yoga-pants set. I’d seen just about everything when, lured by a “Sale” sign, I cautiously headed towards a quiet corner in the back of the store.

“There’s more upstairs,” a friendly voice chimed in from behind, and for the first time I noticed the staircase tucked against the far wall.

I politely obliged, tiptoeing up the stairs to what was surely a room full of engraved serving trays and pewter candlesticks…and was instead greeted by a room full of fashion!

Camargo-Trading-jacketA comfy blazer by Bailey44

Camargo-Trading-glassesMod sunglasses (for cheap!)

Camargo-Trading2A good selection of basic bags and accessories

A surprisingly comprehensive selection of drapey tees, essential blazers, soft knits, and basic denim was spread out before me like a Pu-Pu platter of stylish basics, alongside practical bags and simple accessories. The boutique carries lines like Three Dots, James Perse, and Bailey44–all good brands for pieces that feel up-to-date without being overly trendy–and serves as a reliable source for the essentials that form the foundation of a modern wardrobe.

Go, explore–and feel free to pick up a plaid picture frame or two if that’s your thing.

Camargo Trading Company, 7744 Laurel Ave in Madeira,