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It’s rare to find many companies who survive the changing world, let alone the changing economy. But interior design practice Hutchings-Lyle, Inc. has done just that. The brand, established in 1978,was founded by Lyn Hutchings – our very own Olivia’s mother – and her partner Susan Lyle. Between them, they’ve got enough experience to shake a stick at. Both Lyn and Susan are members of the American Society of Interior Designers and their work has featured in some of the most prestigious publications in the world including The New York Times and House Beautiful.

Looking at their designs, you can see why. The company takes pride in seeing the bigger picture, but not overlooking the smaller details, too. Upholstery, tiling, moldings; every aspect of a room, or indeed a property, is noticed, thought about, attended to. As well as offering renovations, the company are able to move the client in and out of their residences, so no last minute plans or frantic panics necessary.