Your hair loss can be covered by implants which look as natural as your remaining hair. These implants are going to grow through mesh that has been implanted with great care and precision. You will not be able to feel the mesh once it has been put on your head.

You can be as adventurous with this implanted hair as your own. You will want to care for it in the same way that you do with your natural hair. Shampooing should be done with hair-friendly shampoos and any straightening should be done at a temperature which is going to allow the hair to flourish.

You may be the type of person who would like your hair to change on a regular basis. You are going to be able to let your imagination run wild when you have the implant installed. Your previous hair loss is not going to affect you any longer.

The Hair Can Be Cut Short

You might feel that you want a change from having long hair after it has been implanted due to hair loss and is growing on your head. The clinic which installed the implants is going to be able to cut your hair in any way that you choose. The hairdressers there have been trained in a certain way so that they can work with hair that is damaged or brittle.

You may want to experiment with a short style that is going to accentuate your facial features. The clinic understands that they need to cut your hair to a high standard.

The Hair Can Be Curled

The implants might have been straight when they are installed by the Hair Solved clinic. This is a style that suits many women and is a common choice. After a while, you might want the straight style to be changed. The hair can be put into curlers at the same clinic. This is going to give you a totally new look.

The Hair Can Be Straightened

It is possible for you to have curly extensions put in your head when you are experiencing hair loss. These curly hair extensions are going to make your hair voluminous and it will look healthier as a result of this, you’ll want to learn how to style naturally curly hair so you can really exaggerate your new locks! However, you might feel that it is time for you to change the look of your extensions.

The Hair Can Be Bleached

You might want to change the colour of your extensions once they have been inserted. For example, you might fancy a change from brunette to blonde. You should have the hair recoloured by stylists where you had the implant installed.


Your extensions can be altered in a number of different ways. This is going to be possible when you choose a clinic that inserts and also styles hair. This is going to give you confidence because you will be able to change your look on a regular basis. You may prefer straight or curly hair.