I have this weird habit of editorializing my personal style–it comes with the job, I guess. Though I don’t go quite as far as wearing the same thing every day like this art director (which actually seems like a good idea), I like creating a look each season because it makes it easier for me to shop and edit my wardrobe. The benefits are small but meaningful: In addition to saving time getting dressed every day, I save money by trimming down my shopping list!


These style influencers have defined their look

Here are four reasons that explain the logic behind the madness:

1. Creating a “look” is super fun

Vision boards! Editorials! Online window shopping! It’s like being a magazine editor in your own closet. You know those front-of-book product pages with inspiration photos and styling suggestions? This is like the real life DIY version of that.

2. Having a clear direction saves money

Focusing on what I really want versus what I kind of like keeps me from getting distracted by things I probably won’t wear. Sure I like those peach silk culottes, but if they don’t fit with the overall look, they go back on the rack. No wasted money, no buyer’s remorse.

3. It makes putting together outfits a breeze

When everything has been curated with an entire look in mind, it’s much easier to create outfits that work. Complementary silhouettes, a (mostly) predetermined color scheme, and a good foundation of basics means not having to think too much about what goes with what and takes the stress out of getting dressed.

4. It puts the emphasis on individuality

I’ve always seen fashion as a form of personal expression. Sure I get inspiration from runway and street style trends, but those things don’t necessarily dictate my style mood. Creating a look encourages me to poke around my own psyche for a bit and think about the best way to express what I’m feeling. Via shoes.

Am I the only one who does this or do you have a look in mind for each season, too?