Certain fashion accessories tend to steal the limelight. From dazzling diamond rings to stylish scarves, they can capture people’s attention straight away. However, the success of outfits often hinges on other items that are less obvious and don’t get as much attention. For example, have you heard of bandits before? These great fashion accessories, that you can buy from online stores like RingBandits, is not just a wristband, but is also a tiny pocket that has been built-in to the accessory in order to protect something that may be valuable, like a ring or necklace. You can wear the bandit, and you can also take out the sentimental piece of jewelry and wear that at the same time too. The options are endless.

That said, here are some more examples of undervalued accessories that have the power to make or break entire clothing ensembles.



Hosiery is a classic example. Rarely do people comment on these clothing staples, yet tights and stockings can transform the look of outfits. Subtle sheer versions can give a natural look while concealing any imperfections and coloured tights can lend outfits added personality and flare. Then there are fashion tights, which provide extra detail and interest and can transform otherwise dull ensembles into style statements. Support tights are a clothing must for many fashionistas too. In addition to their other ranges, hosiery specialists like Tights and More offer a range of tights that help to cinch in waists and support thighs and tummies, giving their wearers a more slender, toned look. Without these accessories, many outfits simply wouldn’t work.



Hats are another underrated clothing extra. Often seen simply as a practical touch to protect people from the elements, these accessories can in fact change the whole tone of outfits. From elegant fascinators that bring added sophistication to dressy ensembles to super chic trilbies, there are a host of hats on offer. Other options include everything from floppy straw hats and bucket hats to fedoras, caps and bobble hats. In fact, there are versions to suit virtually any occasion and these fashion extras can put pizzazz into even the most mundane outfits.


Belts don’t get the credit they deserve either. These simple yet crucial accessories bring added colour and interest to ensembles and, more than this, they can transform the shape of outfits. By cinching clothes in at the waist, they can instantly give ensembles a more feminine, flattering appearance. For example, the addition of a belt to a baggy summer dress can turn the outfit from casual daywear into an elegant evening attire. From subtle brown and black belts to bold, colourful versions, there are plenty to choose from and these items can bring life to otherwise lacklustre looks.

By making sure you have a good selection of hosiery, hats and belts at home, you can rest assured you’ll be able to achieve a range of stunning looks.