Enjoying Summer While Your Ultimate Body is Still in Progress

With summer upon us and the allure of the outdoors in full-swing, there are naturally always some of those problem areas we want to target to shed some flab in. Well okay, they’re not really problem areas per se, but just some of those areas which the outside world will see a little bit more of, in line with all the outdoor activities we love to immerse ourselves in as we take advantage of the wonderful weather. (…)

Get Beach-Ready and Bikini-Worthy – Win a Trip to Ibiza

Summer comes and goes without fail each year, yet a lot of us tend to forget that summer bodies are in fact made in winter. By the time summer shows its very first signs of peeking over the horizon with some blooming flowers permeating the air with their sweet scents, it’s perhaps a bit too late to start thinking about getting yourself beach-ready and bikini-worthy. Or is it? (…)

Ideas for Wedding Gifts That Won’t Collect Dust

Although the gift-giving custom never fails to raise questions of relevance, we kind of fall into it with every next special occasion that comes around. In the case of weddings however, the gift-giving custom is suitably justified because it’s just a really nice way of helping out a newly-wed couple kick-start their domestic life and work on their marriage beyond the wedding. That’s where to start looking for wedding gift ideas that won’t collect dust – think about the people you’re buying gifts for as the budding homemakers that they are. (…)

10 Cheap Gemstones That Everyone Can Afford


When in desperate need of a gift idea, you can always rely on accessories garnished with gems and precious stones to leave an impression. Granted, that can only happen assuming you are prepared to lift quite a bit of weight from your pockets. Even the cheapest of gemstones require significant financial sacrifices but, fortunately, there are some that can actually be accessible to anyone with a humble income after a few rounds of savings. (…)

How to Look Good Every day

Many of us manage to pull off looking good at important events. Parties, nights out, weddings, and such are when we shine. This is because we put a considerable amount of effort into looking that way. It is a little too difficult to do that every day of our lives. This means that we may not look our best every day. (…)

Big Strides to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Look, we all have those days when we feel like the eyes of the world are upon us, but they don’t seem to like what they see. It’s not so much just about the physical, outward appearance, but whenever you catch someone just looking in your direction, for whatever reason, you feel as if they can see right into you – you feel as if there’s some spot inside your body where your deepest insecurities are hidden away, but those eyes fixed on you can somehow see right into those deepest hiding spots for your insecurities. (…)

Dressing like a Movie Star to Match Your Fabulous Mood

They certainly could come around more often, but you get those days when you perhaps woke up from a great dream and you kick-start your morning feeling absolutely fabulous, like the world which awaits you is so just full of possibilities and there isn’t much that can spoil your mood. But even in the midst of all this fabulousness there’s often just an unshakable feeling of something missing. It could feel like something very small, but it feels significant nonetheless. That little missing piece is the need for you to whip out and rock that one outfit you didn’t quite know what exactly you were saving it for. You know, the one you always knew would look great on you, but you couldn’t quite place it in a setting you’d wear it in; your one movie star outfit! Everybody needs that one movie star outfit and if those super mornings come around more often, then that definitely calls for a couple more movie star outfits. (…)

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